Let’s now know the difference between juices and smoothies

happy fit lifestyle Juices and Smoothies

The Difference Between Juices and Smoothies

The nutrients found in Juices and Smoothies have the same value in nutrients when compared to each other. But what about properties, are they the same? We will answer these and other questions.

The biggest visual difference is related to the ways in which juices are extracted from fruits, vegetables, and leaves.

Extract the substances of these foods we use machines and different procedures that will lead to a unique final result for each drink.


Drinks Extractions

The choice of machinery is related to the physical characteristics of foods, those with more water within them are easily squeezed, but there are foods in which water is embedded in the fibers, require equipment that breaks the fibers and releases water rich in nutrients and that are specific to each food.

In different ways, can extract the food juices, broths, milk. From the different mechanical processes that we use to extract the liquid properties of these foods, we will have a greater or lesser amount of fibers and nutrients in them.


The Specific Characteristics Of Natural Juices and Smoothies

In the juices there is a smaller amount of fibers in the drink, leaving more the micronutrients in the liquid form.

In Smoothies when food is processed, it preserves more fiber along with the nutrients. So it looks more like a puree. It is richer in cellulose, food fibers, fibrous pulp because they were more preserved in the process.


Speaking of Juices

Natural juices, well remembered, are quickly absorbed into our bodies, their nutrients and natural sugars are quickly metabolized.

Release a lot of energy, bring benefits to the body in terms of rapid hydration, improves the immune system and the overall state of the body.

In Juice, natural and without added sugars, you have a natural source of water rich in essential fatty acids, a richness and diversity of minerals as well as vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates.

In the Natural Juices, we find enzymes that have an important participation in the processes of the body’s metabolism and functioning. Power promoters give us the vitality we need to keep the life.

It is worth noting that juices are also richer in calories and have less fiber than the food itself.

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Let’s now know the difference between juices and smoothies

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Speaking of Smoothies

Smoothies and Juices have properties as we said above: they are natural sources of water rich in essential fatty acids, have an excellent diversity of minerals as well as vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. They release energy to our body to improve its functioning and metabolism.

The fundamental difference that elevates the quality of Smoothie in our comparison with Natural Juice is that we find fibers in Smoothie.

The fibers print superior qualities to the Smoothie as to the satiety issue, of the lower caloric value in relation to the nutritional gain.

The fibers improve the functioning of the intestine, responsible for the absorption of nutrients. Ensure better performance of immune functions for the development of our body.

The nutritional and protective qualities of Smoothies make it a superfood that can even replace a traditional meal.


The Versatility of Smoothies

Smoothies are very good for:
a) those who wish to lose weight;
b) a great alternative to a healthy breakfast;
c) is the healthy eating option in the hurry of modern life as they can be an excellent substitute for fast food.

Introduce Smoothie to your life, you will be hydrated, nourished and protected very well and still, you can maintain or lose weight.



happy fit lifestyle Juices and Smoothies