Energy Management How To Get More Energy For My Body

 Energy Management Infographic

How To Get More Energy For My Body

Energy Management

How To Supercharge Your Body To Get More Done – Energy ++


1 – Energy Management

Energy management is just as important as time management. If you don´t have energy, you won´t complete your goals.

In order to do more and spend more time with family, you need to find things you can cut back on!

Make small changes to save energy during the day!

2 – Physiology And Energy

Your energy goes through waves


*Circadian rhythm

Food, mood, weather and more dictate these waves. Learn to influence them and to ” ride the wave”!

3 – Exercise

Have realistic aims, use a simple bodyweight circuit that you can easily stick to. Use the “Quick” workout!


 4 – Nutrition

Correct nutrition for energy involves:

a) nutrient dense diet

b) Avoiding empty calories

c) Avoiding preservatives

d) Consuming complex carbs

e) Staying hydrated

e) Supplements


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5 – Supplements

Great supplements for energy include:

a) Omega 3 fatty acid

b) Caffeine

c) CoQ10

d) B-vitamins

e) Creatine

f) Vinpocetine

6 – How To Sleep Better For More Energy

a) Go to bed at the same time every night

b) Have the room slightly cool

c) Have a “slow down” period before bed

d) Take a warm bath

7 – Lifestyle

a) Avoid stress

b) Quit your job if necessary!

c) Get sunlight and fresh air

d) Be in a rich environment

e) Power nap

f) Do things you care about – they will wake you up!


Why Energy Management

What is it that is holding you back in life?
A lot of us make the mistaken assumption that it is time. We think that if only we had a little more time, then we could get all kinds of things done.

If we had a little more time, then the house would be cleaner, we’d spend more time with our family and friends and we’d be able to progress faster through our career.

Well actually, time is very often not the problem. Rather, the problem comes down to energy. Think about it!


happy fit lifestyle Energy Management
happy fit lifestyle Energy Management