HIIT Workout – Losing Weight With Health HIIT Training

Losing Weight With Health HIIT Training

Concurrent Training for Even Greater Fat Loss

happy fit lifestyle hiit training
happy fit lifestyle hiit training



What’s the very best way to lose weight?

Most people now agree that it probably HIIT Training High-Intensity Interval Training. This is a training format that challenges you to divide your time spent in the gym between high-intensity bursts of sprinting or otherwise exerting yourself at 100% MHR and periods of active recovery at around 70%.


Losing Weight Helps Have A Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

In this article, we will talk more about HIIT Training and how to make this exercise even more efficient. Efficiency in training results and satisfaction with the perfect and healthy body

How can I get even better results with HIIT training?

My answer the use of Concurrent Training.

But what is concurrent training?

I explain it is a form of training that combines cardio and endurance in a single exercise.

The idea is then that you will perform some kind of fast movement, but in doing so, you will be pushing or pulling against some kind of weight or resistance.

An obvious example of this would be to ride a stationary bike but to increase the resistance setting to ten so that you have to use more strength in your muscles to turn the pedals.

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Other examples of concurrent training include certain forms of calisthenics – like clapping push ups or push ups – as well as boxing, swimming, rowing on a heavy setting or the kettlebell swing.

The kettlebell swing is of particular interest here because it allows you to lift quite a heavyweight in a manner that is conducive to long sequences of exertion.


What Is The Result Of This For The Health Of The Body?

The combination of resistance and cardio in an exercise routine significantly increases the challenge. You will have difficulty moving your limbs because of the resistance and thus you will need faster muscle fibers. This requires more energy and so you will burn more calories than performing the same movements without the resistance.

When performing competing training, you will be protecting your muscle against breakdown because when you include resistance work you effectively send a strong signal to the body that you need the muscle and it is not just a dead weight that slows you down.

Biologically your body is breaking muscles and flooding them with metabolites. These metabolic signals are signs that stimulate muscle growth. You will produce more growth hormone and more testosterone, and both will trigger growth and fat loss.


How To Build Muscle And Weight Loss How To Relate?

Building muscles are great for weight loss goals. That’s because the muscle makes you appear more toned and sharp and often this is the quickest way to get the physique you want.

Muscle is metabolically active, which means that you burn more calories simply with muscle. If you add muscle work into your routine, you will burn fat even when you are sleeping!


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