How A Minimal Lifestyle Can Work For You


Think a minimal lifestyle is not for you?

Do I love your fancy cars, your suits and your expensive gadgets too?

Well, I invite you to think again. Keep reading and you may just realize that you came to things the wrong way …

Working To Live Positioning To Get A New Lifestyle

Somewhere along the line, many of us forget that we “work to live”. Today, we “live to work” and a big part of that is our drive to have more things and more status.

Why are you posting to higher positions in your current career? Is it because you need more money?

Of course, more money can be good. But if you feel you are living beyond your means, you may not have considered some of the other options available to solve this problem. An example is simply to move to a smaller house. Move to a smaller house and you will have less space to store your things …

But that will be about the only downside! Meanwhile, at your current salary, you will have much less financial stress, you will have larger savings and you could spend some money on things that really matter to you!

On the other hand, if you take this job then suddenly you are working longer hours and you are coming home much more stressed after working hours in the company sometimes have to take more work home, today with the advent of the internet great part of office workers do some extra work in their homes, on vacation.

Of course, you can buy gadget of your want, but you really have time to use it, really you need it, maybe not? Have to wait for the investment money to do something more useful in your life, being able to get rid of that stressful job in time and actually do what you like, think about it! Why not get something similar at a lower salary by reducing the clutter you do not need releasing and releasing you do a more important thing in life?

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Increasing Your Responsibility, Increasing Stress More

Today many people who read this may be protesting that they do not work for things. Instead, they continue to increase their responsibilities and salary at work because it brings them fulfillment and status.

Is not it great to be able to tell people that you’re a CEO? The manager? Or just a high-flying lawyer, but has a price to pay more responsibility, more stress, more going to the doctor, is it sometimes a very high price to be paid? Of course, but why should your sense of fulfillment and status come from your job?

For beginners, status is the empty concept anyway. Who are you tasting? Your parents? Are not we beyond that yet?

Creating Your Own Lifestyle, Live Happier With You

In the meantime, you could get as much fulfillment – or more – of writing your own music, creating art, writing a novel, traveling the world or learning German, Spanish another language you wish. But that would be your choice and your creation to get a life in style, you can do it is good to know we are human beings we can take our reins for ourselves and do what we most want.

Create A Business That Is Your Lifestyle You Can You Must

Why do people feel so proud to be the main author of a company that grows, has a social participation and projection in what you are doing that makes the difference in the world, this is the lifestyle? Is that really what matters to you, always build something new, rework your way of living before the world?