Losing Your Belly, Guidelines for a Successful Diet-Infographic

Infographic The Lose Your Belly Successful Diet

Lose Your Belly, The Successful Diet

For you to lose weight, lose belly in a healthy way. Follow the tips of this infographic on diet and exercise and have a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Calorie counting is an effective way to avoid a caloric surplus and encourage fat loss

Calculate the calories coming in with a tool like My Fitness Pal

Monitor calories going out with a fitness tracker or by calculating your AMR

to make this easier to stick with, consider:

*Finding easy changes to reduce your intake
*Coming up with a highly consistent breakfast and lunch

Then you can make sure you have fewer than 1,000 calories by the evening and cut loose for dinner. Note that there are many more factors that calorie counting though such as your metabolism, hormones, lifestyle, and nutrition


Do not make the mistake of thinking of your food as fuel – it is sustenance

Make sure you are getting vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to support your energy levels and your metabolism

Start with a vitamin supplement that will give you more of the energy you need to train

Avoid empty calories and overly processed foods

Seek out organ meats and superfoods




These include:

*Thyroid hormones

You can manipulate hormones to a degree with meal timing/avoiding too many carbs/changing your lifestyle.

By riding the wave of your hormones, you can avoid snacking

If you can´t lose weight – see your doctor!


To combine this diet information into a simple strategy…

Spend a short time calculating your diet roughly

Remove things that are pushing you over the top

Devise a consistent lunc h and breakfast under 1000 calories

Avoid simple carbs, and processed foods, and empty calories – in short, eat mainly natural foods that you would get in the wild

Spend the morning extending your fasted period

Use this as an ideal time to exercise. Eat afterward with carbs in order to use “carb backloading”

Maintain your lifestyle – avoid being overly tired, reduce stress


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The best forms of cardio for weight loss are:
*Walking slowly to burn calories without becoming overly tired

*Concurrent training to combine cardio with resistance training

*HIIT in order to quickly burn more calories and allow for carb backloading. Don´t overdo it. Look for ways to be more active in your daily life, especially with walking!

With ticks abs, a body fat percentage of 12-15% should be sufficient to make them visible.


Train the transverse abdominals to get six pack abs! Use exercises that involve rolling back further, like the myotatic crunch. Make sure you aren´t folding at the hips!

Combine with ab vacuums and plank to target the transverse abdominals for a flatter stomach.

And twisting exercise for the obliques.

Don´t forget the rest of the body – use compound moves!