Have A Minimalist Lifestyle, Try To Be A Minimalist In Practice

Want to Experience a Minimalist Lifestyle? Great!

But a second … What exactly is a minimalist lifestyle? What does it mean to have a minimal decoration or routine? Let’s take a look before we move on!

What Is Minimalism And What It Is not!

There are many misconceptions about minimalism and many people seem to use it almost as a weapon – as something they can dominate over other people and use to show off!

This is a point of defeat. Instead, minimalism is stopped comparing yourself to others and stop struggling after all the things you see in expensive magazines.

Instead, it’s about knowing what you want out of life and knowing how to get there. Simply. It is about cutting out the “noise” so you can focus on what is important.


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Have Vacations With Fewer Expenses And Like The Family

For example, if you are someone who thinks spending time with family is the most important then you may find yourself stressed out by the fact that you have to work so hard.

You want to do the best you can for the ones you love, and so you move them to a larger house and take them on a luxurious vacation. You see ads for toys for your children on TV and you buy them for them.

And then you end up working later and coming home more and more stressed. In your attempt to “over”, you forgot what was important to get you started!

Instead, if you moved to a smaller house, to take less vacation abroad and buy simpler toys, then you could work fewer hours and have more money left. Your family would be financially more stable and you would be much happier and much less stressed. The result is that you would have more family time and get more together with the family!

How We Can Have a Minimalist Life

This is minimalism for some people, but for other people, it may seem very different. And here’s the key: Minimalism is what you chose to do. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer here – only you are doing more than you care.

And it’s about figuring out the quickest and most efficient way to accomplish this while removing all the unnecessary distractions that hinder the path. It’s about choosing what really matters to you, rather than being told by the media. The rest is up to you!