For Which Reason Does a Person Procrastinate? One Day Can It Change?

Procrastination Killer
Procrastination Killer

For Which Reason For A Person Procrastinates One Day Can It Change?

Because he feels a certain longer fall he expects a task to be completed. He is able to take on the challenge of finishing everything at the last minute and feels rewarded for doing so. It’s all about the idea of cutting it, but still being victorious in the end. When a person waits until the last minute to finish a task, he sees a challenge and feels what he thinks is an adrenaline rush.

What he currently, the feeling is that a small dose of dopamine moves quickly through the brain. It is a good feeling that comes with the expectation of getting a reward whenever a task is completed. This impulse gives reason enough for a person to continue returning to the idea of waiting as long as possible before completing any type of assignment.

The Internal Struggle In Doing Well-Done Things

How the Dopamine Hormone Continues to Traverse the Brain

During these situations, it causes a person to lose his sense of control. He begins to form a battle within himself to see how much self-control he really has. While he knows that a task is due soon, he also knows that the intense feeling of waiting until the last minute is right around the corner.

He could choose to finish the task ahead of time to gain more time to relax later, or he could choose to relax first and push the task back to challenge himself to finish the task at the last minute.

Having self-control means that the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system are also working. There are no limits to try and cross to have one side beat the other.

Instead, they seem to work together to ensure the greatest amount of efficiency within a person. While a person has control of their mind and what it is at the moment, their reaction to hormones is quite difficult to overcome. It’s all about the feelings that would rather feel the victory at the last moment to feel the haste of the dopamine in the mind or a calming feeling of being forth to strengthen the prefrontal cortex.

Although dopamine is the main contributor to the reasons behind procrastination, adrenaline may still exist in this situation. The part of the brain that produces adrenaline is called the amygdala. It is associated with an automatic emotional reaction that is triggered whenever a difficult situation for the mind the process arises. This happens when a situation is outside the boundaries of everyday life.

For example, a person can walk or drive to get to the places where he needs to go. One day, he may end up being late when he is usually always on time. This causes him to panic and becomes overwhelmed. He will not know what to do, not thinking clearly as a result.

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For Which Reason Does a Person Procrastinate? One Day Can It Change?


The Answer Fight or Flight

At this point, the brain evaluates the choice using the “combat flight” response. When it comes to choosing between making an assignment or not, the response of the fight in the amygdala would be chosen to do the task at that time. The flight response would push the task to another day, and again, instead of doing what needs to be done, the brain would choose to procrastinate.

Generally, the amygdala does not choose one side over the other, unlike the limbic system that always chooses relaxation. The amygdala chooses the side that allows the person to have the greatest amount of safety. For example, if a person needs more sleep, the amygdala will choose to rest more instead of doing the task. It’s about focusing on healing the body instead of focusing on the tasks of the day or the week.

In general, the brain is in a constant battle between the side to choose from. You will continue to evaluate the different variables to be found to procrastinate or not. The brain will continue to yearn for hormones whenever a person chooses to procrastinate and will find more reasons to take on more assignments to continue to feel the rush of a challenge. Although it is good to wait until the last minute to achieve success, the best way to strengthen the prefrontal cortex is to practice withdrawing from the habits of procrastination.

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